Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New things

Been awhile since the last blog. Been busy though working in the studio and gigging. Gotta love it.
New things happening though. Last Saturday was a marathon, Festival de Artes in Los Gatos, Ca, Cathedral Of Faith and the San Jose Jazz Festival. Triple header gig day. Sunday met up with Rick Muchow (former worship leader for Saddleback Church). Rick, Tom Tomasello and I go back to the old Vision Band days that was a Blood Sweat and Tears/Chicago style Christian band that performed all over California. It was great seeing Rick again.
Tom Tomasello          Rick Muchow  and Me

There will be more to come. Today is a busy studio day working with producer/recording artist/pianist
John Charles and Nicaraguan recording artist Charito. She is working on a new album I will be
producing and performing the instruments.

For more info on these artists

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I've got new pictures and calendar on there.  Getting up to speed here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week May 2-8-2011

This Week May 2-8-2011

Busy at the studio, many projects lined up for producing, arranging and performing the instruments. Allen Wang is doing a new Chinese Praise and Worship song so I've been busy arranging and laying down the instruments on that. Also, new projects in at Tiki Studios-O'Neal Productions- Starr Neal is starting a Gospel album along with Twyla Burruss.  Ray Hyde is starting his 2nd album today. Pastor Josephine Israde is working on her 2nd Spanish Christian album. Marianne De La Torre is starting her 2nd album project that helps the mentally ill. Myra Jalique's 2nd album is also being produced. All kinds of great writing and styles of music. I love it!
Also Raiznhavoc, a new creation is still in the works. I've got one more song to finish on that and it will be released. It's Christian rock/metal/punk/psychodelic music that will appeal to the youth. Two videos have been done and more to come. I'm excited about this project because it totally is unique.

For more info visit my website at www.jeannineo.net or www.onealprod.net